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Easing Back In

Slowly but surely, the world is trying to get back to life as usual…but everything has changed. We have changed. We have new interests, new passions, new habits, new outlooks and a new way of thinking. Having to go back to the office or back to school, or just back to our “normal” life of socializing can be daunting. How do we or should we approach this “new normal?” Here are a few tips to help ease back into the open world:

Continue Your Self-Care Routine

Did you start a self-care routine while in quarantine? If you did, you should continue it. If you didn’t, you should create a routine to help you deal with your “new normal.” Self-care isn’t just bubble baths and massages. Anything that helps you relax and recharge is self-care. Reading, taking a long (or short) walk, taking time to mediate or exercise are all wonderful forms of self-care. Do what works for you.

Maintain Healthy Habits

Staying healthy is important. During the COVID shutdown, lots of people started workout routines, made healthy eating a priority and got an adequate amount of sleep. Try your best to maintaining whatever healthy habits you started. Considering that we aren’t totally out of the COVID crisis yet, it’s a good idea to stay as healthy as you can.

Take Your Time

Just because the world is open, doesn’t mean you have to jump right in. You may not have a choice in the matter when it comes to your employment, but as for social situations, do what makes you feel comfortable. Set realistic boundaries, plan activities that feel right for you and ease your way back into social life.

Do What Makes You Feel Safe

If having hand sanitizer and a mask with you at all times or sticking with curbside grocery pickup makes you feel better and relieves your anxiety, do that. If only going to outdoor events gives you a sense of security, do that. If limiting your contact with co-workers makes you feel better in your work environment, see how you can make that work. Regardless of the situation, try to do only what you feel comfortable doing.

Stay Informed

Another great way to feel more comfortable about COVID-19 is to stay updated on the recent news and information. Check the CDC’s website often and stay aware of the rapid changes.

Our “new normal” will take awhile to get used to. Give yourself some grace. You are not alone. We are in this thing together.

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